CommStudio ActiveX is source code compatible with the MSComm and PDQComm controls. CommStudio speeds up your development process while increasing the quality and performance of your application.

Unlimited Serial Ports

CommStudio supports a large variety of serial port connections and is highly optimized for performance.

Your applicaton can connect to:

  • Standard built-in serial ports
  • Virtual serial ports on other systems via network software.
  • Bluetooth and infrared serial ports.
  • High performance serial ports using specialized hardware such as Digi boards.

High performance, low processor usage

The number of serial ports supported on a single system is only limited by hardware. Some of our customers use our components with over one hundred ports on each communications server.

Plug and Play Modem Dialing

Let the Windows Telephony API (TAPI) do all the hard work for you. With CommStudio, you never have to worry about modem setup again.

Simple Dialing Rules

In addition to modem device independence, your users will also enjoy automatic handling of dialing rules based on the user's location and area code.

Make your application easier to use

Reduce technical support and increase end user satisfaction by using the settings defined in the the Windows Control Panel.

Fast and robust file transfers

Over ten years of intense interactions with thousands of different systems have resulted in a core of very robust, highly interoperable transfer code.

Choose the right protocol

Classic XModem, YModem, and Kermit protocols let you interface with a large variety of systems, from the smallest devices to the largest mainframe systems.

Z is for ZModem

For ultimate performance and flexibility you can use CommStudio's industry-standard ZModem implementation.

CommStudio ActiveX contains the most advanced implementation of ZModem available. You'll enjoy advanced error recovery, automatic streaming, and block size adjustment to get the fastest transfer under even the most difficult bandwidth circumstances.

Terminal emulation

CommStudio helps you integrate legacy applications with a modern systems architecture.

It's as easy as drawing a control on a form. Your application instantly supports ANSI, VT52, and VT100 terminal emulation in full color, with scroll-back history, mouse selection, and fast screen painting.

Data mining made easy

Powerful text scanning and triggering features help you write automated login scripts and build data mining applications.

Building a robust terminal emulator requires more than just following a terminal specifications.

CommStudio ActiveX has been proven to work flawlessly with the subtleties of thousands of systems, from bulletin board systems to credit report services.

CommStudio ActiveX has reached the end of mainstream sales and support. For legacy projects, you can still purchase developer licenses and download the latest version. If you have an older version we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you are using Visual Studio, please explore CommStudio for .NET instead.